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Why You Should Test For Radon Gas

There are a million and one different things we do each and every day to ensure the safety of our family, we wear seatbelts, take our vitamins, wear helmets, take our kids to the dentist and doctor, and ensure they aren’t smoking or being surrounded by those who do. What more can we possibly do to keep our families safe if there are dangers lurking that we are completely unaware of? Believe it or not, there are hidden elements leaking through the homes that we cannot even see, Radon gas and carbon monoxide are some of the biggest culprits for poisoning us without us even knowing. The risk of contracting lung cancer increases by 16% per every 100 Bq/m in lengthy radon concentration exposure. Radon comes into our homes through the ground and can be just as deadly as smoking cigarettes every day. So what can we do to detect these hazards and protect our families?

Begin by testing for radon gases. You can easily do the testing yourself, or you can hire a radon testing company to come to your home. If you are choosing to DIY start with a long-term radon test on every level of your home. There are tests that take a shorter amount of time but they don’t get as good of reading as the long-term tests do. You can order the test online and place it in your home where it won’t be disrupted for the three-month period. After the testing time is complete you mail it to the testing lab and they will email you the results. If they happen to find high radon readings in your home you can begin to make plans for radon mitigation.

There are a large number of services that can be done to your home to help keep the gases from leaking through the floor and getting into the places you sleep and play every day. The radon mitigation company may want to install a sump pump, wrap and seal your pipes and add sealants to your current flooring and add fans and vents to the home to keep the flow of air constant and keep the gases from coming up. Once you complete testing for radon and begin mitigation you will need to retest to ensure the job has been done right.

It is always a good idea to retest your home every two years to ensure there are no leaks you are unaware of. Add testing for radon gas to your regular home maintenance schedule and you will keep your family well protected for years to come.

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