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When and Why to Have Your Windows Replaced

A homeowner is responsible for the many pieces of hardware in their house, and in most cases, repair or replacement means calling upon professionals to help out. Roofers can fix the roof and replace tiles, and foundation experts may work with concrete and plumbers can fix leaking or damaged pipes. Meanwhile, the windows and doors in a house may get old and worn out, and after a point, it is a good idea to call upon commercial window replacement crews to update the hardware. These commercial window replacement teams can measure the window and door holes in a house and put in new hardware, and replacement windows can make a house safer and more price-friendly to live in. Home window replacement is directly tied to the electric bill, and newer homeowners will soon see why. The best window companies in the area can effect commercial window replacement with precision and skill, and a homeowner can rest easy knowing that their house is in top shape.

The Problems of Old Windows and Doors

What exactly are the problems of having old windows and doors in the house? For one thing, they are a security hazard. These old windows and doors are worn out and relatively fragile, and they don’t fit very well into their frames. This makes them easy for burglars to force their way in through, using a crowbar or even their bare hands in some cases. That’s a major security hazard for any homeowner, especially when the window doesn’t have blinds or curtains. Bare windows make it easy for criminals to see valuable items worth breaking into a house to steal.

Another problem is drafts and disrupted climate control. A typical house dedicates around 55% of its electricity to the heating and cooling system (HVAC) alone, and if this system is being overworked, it’s using up expensive electricity the entire time. Old windows and doors do not fit well in their frames, and thus allow air drafts to leak through. In summer, cooled air leaks out of the house, and in winter, warm air escapes and cold air from outside gets in. All of this taxes the HVAC system further, and that will soon reflect on the electric bill. And even draft-free windows are an issue if they don’t have blinds or drapes, as bare glass may easily leak warmth in winter (drafts or not), and bare windows in summer admit hot sunlight that heats up a room quickly.

Third of all, old doors and windows are simply unattractive. The wood is worn out and may have termite damage or chipped paint, and the glass may be stained or scratched. This will make a bad impression on any home buyers when that property is made available on the real estate market. For these reasons and more, commercial window replacement contractors can be hired for the job.

Replacing Windows and Doors

A concerned homeowner will not have the tools or skills needed to replace their old windows or doors, but they can look up local contractors in the area both online and through their local hardware store’s staff. A good window replacement company will have its own website a homeowner can visit, complete with images, videos, and articles showcasing the crew’s work. A guest may also see the crew’s previous customer reviews, and find contact information, too.

Once a team of contractors arrives at a house, they will remove all windows and doors that the homeowner directs them too, and the crews will measure the window and door holes in the walls. Now, the team will offer a variety of new window and door models to the homeowner, who may choose which one they want. Energy Star windows, for example, are double-paned, meaning that they don’t leak warmth as easily as single-pane windows do in summer. The windows and doors will be test-fitted, then installed securely, and sealant will prevent air drafts. New windows and doors are much tougher to break into than old ones, and they save money in the long run due to easing the strain on the HVAC system. New windows and doors are a sort of remodeling, which will impress home buyers in the future and attract more buyers, a fine payoff for the investment.

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