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What Your Local Pool Companies Want you to Know Before the Build

Homeowners who don’t know what to expect from a pool installation might find they’ve paid thousands of dollars for weeks of inconvenience. This video explores the issues caused when a pool company doesn’t set the expectations of the homeowner properly. Pool companies know that a pool takes time to make, involves heavy machinery, and can block off a customer’s garden or yard almost completely for days to weeks at a time.

Great pool companies want their clients to know this because this avoids complaints throughout the process. A professional pool installer also needs to make homeowners aware of city inspections, and the fact that they might not be able to have a pool the exact size they want.

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This is because the pool might remove too much green space, which could be against local laws or guidelines.

An initial inspection allows a professional to set expectations around pool size and shape and ensure they match up to the buyer’s requirements. If additional surveys and inspections are required, these are rarely included in the initial quote from the pool builder. Ask about hidden costs and the possibility of the overall price rising. Installing a pool could also raise the entire height of the yard. Ask how the plans will affect the overall appearance of the outdoor area, and how long the whole process will take.


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