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What to Know About Remodeling a Bathroom

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Remodeling is something folks do in many different homes based on their needs and wants. Although typically done when they are ready to sell, many people remodel because a specific room isn’t living up to their standards. This is very common for the bathroom, which is where over 80% fo remodels occur, or the kitchen where 75% of remodels happen. When planning a bathroom remodeling, one of the most popular ideas is a remodel for a spa bathroom. Read on and discover a few simple ways that a bathroom can go from average to wow, making any remodel easy and affordable.

Choose Spa Bathroom Colors That Are Soothing

One of the most effective ways to handle a bathroom remodel to painting. Choosing spa bathroom colors that are relaxing and flatter the room are the best way to change up a look and keep everything beautiful and soothing. Choose soothing colors, such as shades of blue or green. These are helpful if you want to give your bathroom the feeling of being in a garden or at the ocean. You’ll feel relaxed and enjoy your time in the tub.

Change Up Your Linens

If you desire a modern bathroom, see what you can do to change your current bathroom ideas. Getting shower curtains that are made of real fabric takes your look from functional to beautiful in a matter of minutes. Finally, most people don’t update their towels as often as they need to. Treat yourself and buy a new set. You’ll love how comfortable they feel when you use them, and you’ll have a spa bathroom design that’s the envy of all your friends and family. For those that have additional money to spend, consider getting a glass shower door. These give a feeling of luxury and are in demand when it comes to homeowners, with almost 80% of people preferring this to other options.

Add Greenery For a Tropical Bathroom

If your bathroom is big enough and it sounds like the type of change you’re interested in, consider having plants in your bathroom. Many people enjoy them, feeling as though they are in a spa while bathing. Some liken it to a tropical rainforest, and it makes any room pop. For those that cannot afford plants or don’t want to be bothered with them, consider getting paintings or pictures to hang on the wall. You’ll get the same feeling, but without the extra work.

For anyone thinking of remodeling their bathroom, this is the room to go with. Bathrooms get over 85% ROI for those that are re-doing their house and have plans to sell it later on. This is easy enough to do with spa bathroom colors that change the entire room and make it feel like a different place. Other changes, such as curtains, a door or linens are a simple enough change to make. Finally, adding plants makes the room warm and welcoming, and gives it a finishing touch. This goes a long way in creating a bathroom no one will want to leave.

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