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What Sprinkler System to Choose For Your Lawn

The best way to keep your lawn alive during the summer and other dry months is to water it frequently. Different parts of the world have different needs for their lawn care, but one option that can be used by many is a sprinkler system. Keep reading to learn about what type of sprinkler timing system is right for you.

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Soil type plays a big part in deciding how much water your lawn needs. A sand type holds the least water, while clay soils hold the most. A rule of thumb is one inch of water a week. The way you can measure is to set up your rain gauge. You can leave this under the sprinkler for half an hour and then multiply that number by the number of times you’ll use it a week. If it’s more than an inch, you’re using your sprinkler too much. This should be spread out during the week to ensure proper watering.

A fan sprinkler is great for a large, square lawn. A rotating sprinkler might be better for a smaller lawn. Some sprinklers even have the ability to raise and lower the height for the best water dispersion for your grass.


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