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What Is Root Enhancer and Why Should I Be Using It?

Your plants need nourishment just like you do, and if you want to keep your plants healthy ad growing you need to make sure they get all the nutrients they need. Food for rooting plants is essential to their health, especially if they’re in the process of rooting, and here are some ways you can promote that health using root enhancer and root starter, which, when combined with a fertilizer, will ensure your plants achieve their maximum potential for growth.

What Is a Root Enhancer?

A root enhancer, or root booster, helps your plant to expand the reach of its roots. The root enhancer works with the roots your plant already has in order to keep both the enhancer and the roots healthy.

How Does it Work?

All plants need six important nutrients. Three are available from the air and from water (carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen), but there are three that have to come from the soil or from something like a deep root fertilizer. Those three are potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. To reach those important nutrients, the plant needs a healthy root system. Root enhancer is a type of fungus which covers the plant’s roots, giving it a kind of extended reach almost like a bionic arm. This increases growth for the plant by helping it get more of those essential minerals out of the water. The plant, in turn, feeds the fungus, which releases even more nutrients into the soil in a wonderful symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits. Including you!

Are There Any Other Benefits to Using a Root Booster?

The right type of root enhancer can also make your plants more resistant to disease or stresses like drought. You’ll also probably see larger, more nutrient-dense, and more luxurious plants, as well.

Is There Anything I Need to Be Careful About?

Different types of root enhancer are better for different types of plants. It’s important to check when buying to make sure you have the type of root enhancer that’s best for your growing things. You also need to remember that you will likely still need to add a deep root feeder if you want to achieve maximum growth and nutrition content. Even the most conservative estimates find that 30% to 50% of all food crop yields are possible because of fertilizer.

What Does a Fertilizer Do?

Fertilizers work in one of two ways. One type of fertilizer will actually add nutrients to the soil or to the plant’s roots directly. The other type makes the soil more aerated and able to retain water, which enhances the soil in ways that benefit your plants. They may also alter the pH of the soil, because most plants need a pH of 6.5 to 6.8 in order to effectively absorb phosphorus in particular.

Your plants are an investment, and they are real living things. When they benefit, you benefit, so help your plants grow and thrive with the right root enhancer, fertilizer, and tender loving care.

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