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What Every Novice Gardener Should Know

Gardening is popular all throughout the United States and is an activity that has been able to span generations. In fact, the population of younger gardeners is very much on the rise. For while older gardeners still make up around 35% of all people who garden, at least here in the United States, up to 30% of all gardeners are comprised of people who fall between the ages of 18 and 34. In the years that are to follow, the number of younger gardeners is likely to continue to swell.

And the industry of gardening itself is a thriving one. In fact, more than $47 billion was spent on gardening by Americans over the course of one year, with more than 117 billion people partaking in some form of gardening in this same span of time (according to data that was gathered back in the year of 2017). In this same year, the market for gardening and home here in the United States had swelled to a value of more than $270 billion – and will likely only keep growing from that point onward.

And just about anyone can garden. You might think that you don’t have the space for gardening, but you’re likely wrong on this count. There are many houseplants that can thrive in various indoor spaces, even those that do not get much natural light. And herb gardens have grown quite popular in kitchen spaces all throughout the country, able to thrive on windowsills and even as a part of a hanging garden, popular among those who need to utilize all of their space as much as they possibly can. This type of gardening is on the rise, with nearly one third of all households owning at least one houseplant. And many, as you might have already guessed, have far more than even that.

Outdoor gardening is also still very common and is accessible to anyone who has a backyard or other type of outdoor space in which to utilize. If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of starting a garden, know that there are many resources available to novice gardeners. Going to a garden store is likely to provide you with a wealth of information and options. Fortunately, the garden store is a popular institution in just about any community and the employees of a garden store can prove very helpful indeed. Using their knowledge can benefit any gardener, even a gardener who already has some experience in the practice.

The typical garden store will likely also have a plant nursery. In this plant nursery, you will be able to choose from a wide variety. For many gardeners, choosing plants that are native to the area is something of a no brainer, so to speak. After all, utilizing native plants has many benefits. For instance, the use of native plants makes gardening all the easier, as these plants are meant to grow in the area in question, meaning that they are more likely to thrive with ease and with less intervention and careful supervision. In addition to this, choosing native plants is by and large the more environmentally friendly choice, something that more and more people are becoming more and more conscious of in many of the decisions that they make – including in their gardening decisions. A garden store will be able to provide access to such things – and information about why one should choose such an option.

Before going to any garden store or garden center, setting a budget for yourself is important. While gardening can be hugely fulfilling, it can also prove expensive if you let it. On average, a household in 2017 spent just over $500 in gardening expenses alone. For some people, this is quite the high number indeed. Fortunately, careful budgeting (especially while at a garden store when so many things are so tempting) can help to reduce this cost considerably, making it all the easier to garden on a budget. Even paring down your garden a bit can help, or investing in high quality gardening tools that you will not have to buy again, and investment that is higher in cost at the first but that will save you money at the end of the day.

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