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Ways That Roofers Cheat

In this video, you will learn about roofing companies. There are a few signs that your roofing contractor might be cheating you. There are more good contractors than bad contractors.

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Every once and while you run into people who don’t have the same ethics and morals as you. The first thing is that your contractor is not providing you with your estimate in writing. There is no reason for this. If they are not giving you this estimate in writing, this should be a huge red flag. Another red flag is that they are not providing the products they are using in their estimates. If they do not tell you the products they are using, it is shady. You should know what they are using because there is a big difference in price, durability, and time. It should be in writing. Cheaping might not always be the worse option. You could go with the branded or with the generic brand as long as the makeup is the same. If they are just using products to save money, it could be problem in the long run. Keep watching this video for more information.

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