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Three Ways that a Spa can Save your Life

Most people today think of hot tubs as sources of fun and leisure, but modern spas have several therapeutic uses. In fact, the first modern jacuzzi was invented to mitigate the symptoms of arthritis. Other researchers have begun to look into the effects that spas can have on physical and mental well being. With that in mind, here are just a few of the ways that hot tubs can heal your body and soul.

Soaking in hot tubs can reduce joint pain.

You may have noticed that you’re more buoyant in a swimming pool or bath. That’s because you only weigh about 10 % of your total body weight when you’re submerged. This means that taking a dip can reduce the pressure that gravity naturally puts on your joints.

Relaxing in a spa can help with diabetes and prevent weight gain.

In the United States, hot tubs and spas are generally heated to about 100 to 102 degrees. According to a recent study from the New England Journal of Medicine, people with Type 2 diabetes had an easier time managing their plasma sugar levels if they spent thirty minutes a day in a hot tub most days of the week. The patients were also able to stave off weight gain because of their daily soak.

Using a hot tub can improve your mental health.

Spas have existed since ancient times as places where people could go to relax, to chat with friends and acquaintances, or to process the events of the day. Forty five percent of spa owners prefer to unwind in a hot tub right before bed, with numerous studies showing that a nocturnal soak can reduce sleeplessness. Another 14% refer to their routine as their “alone time,” a ritual in which they can process the events of the day, release body tension, or spend time outdoors.

It’s easy to see how spending time in a warm bath can improve overall health and wellness. Well-constructed spas can last for over two decades, and hot tub service and maintenance crews can provide tips to reduce heating costs and to extend the life of your hot tub. Why not incorporate a nightly dip in a hot tub into your nightly routine?

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