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Three Benefits of Choosing Turfgrass


Deciding which type of lawn material to use is a big decision. There are many lawn varieties to choose from. However, there are benefits to choosing a turfgrass lawn. Turfgrass is a material known to grow in a very healthy and dense way. However, there are many more benefits to this grass type than just its looks. In this post, you will learn about three benefits of having a turfgrass lawn.

  1. Helps to Catch Pollutants: Turfgrass is a lawn type that can be very helpful to a homeowner. There are pollutants all around us both indoors and outdoors. Turfgrass controls pollution by collecting and trapping particles. Research shows that turfgrass traps about 12 million tons of dust and dirt particles in the United States each year. Lawn care services can ensure turfgrass is properly applied to your lawn space. Grass trapping pollutants helps to ensure these irritants do not enter your home.
  2. Increases Curb Appeal: When selling a home, curb appeal is very important. Many lawn care services are called to help a homeowner improve their yard. You might not be looking to sell your home right now but that day could come soon. Having turfgrass on your front lawn creates a lush, rich, and inviting lawn space. Statistics shows that turfgrass can increase the value of a home by 15-20 percent when utilized as part of a maintained overall landscape.
  3. Cleans Groundwater: Rain can sometimes cause immense damage to a lawn. A lawn without the right kind of grass may have no protection from falling rain. In turn, this water can mix with the soil, creating a muddy mess. A thick lawn will absorb more rainwater, ensuring your soil remains relatively untouched. Recent research shows that a dense lawn helps to prevent runoff by being six times stronger at absorbing rain when compared to a wheat field.

In closing, turfgrass can be a great choice for many lawns. This grass will help to ensure that pollutants from the air are absorbed. If you are looking to sell your home soon, you will love the curb appeal turfgrass can provide. Also, turfgrass is great for cleaning falling rain before it reaches your local water supply.

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