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This is Why You Need Better Lighting in Your Home or Office

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Whether we realize it or not, light plays an important role in our day. From allowing us to carry out our responsibilities to influencing our moods, light matters. So if you’re thinking about remodeling your home or office space, getting in touch with someone who specializes in architectural lighting design is key. This field coincides with interior design, architecture, and electrical engineering to design lighting systems that best serve what we need in our day-to-day lives. They can use natural light, electric light, or a combination of the two to achieve the perfect end result. A lighting designer who has a background in architectural lighting design will be able to craft a lighting scheme that works for you. With the right kind of lighting installed, you may see a difference in your day — from being able to get things done more efficiently, thanks to better lighting generally, to even getting better sleep!

Why Is Lighting So Important?

Other than helping us see what we’re doing, lighting also helps to set the ambiance of a room. No restaurant, for example, would have glaring white industrial lights, while a warehouse wouldn’t want the soft, yellow glow that restaurants strive for. Guests in the restaurant would likely feel uncomfortable or unsettled by the harsh industrial lights, whereas the dimmer, yellow lights of a restaurant wouldn’t illuminate or protect the warehouse area.

But lighting can also affect our health. For those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, doctors may suggest purchasing a light box for their home or office. A lack of light can tax their energy and make them feel depressed. And interestingly, light can also affect how we sleep. For example, a study showed that participants who had windows in their offices got 46 minutes more sleep every night than their colleagues who did not have access to natural light in their office. And, those with windows in their office said they also got more exercise when they left work.

And, we tend to notice when a lighting situation is off in our home or office. For example, the American Society of Interior Design found that almost 70% of employees had a complaint about the way their offices were lighted. Knowingly or not, our lighting situation makes a difference.

How Can Someone With a Background In Architectural Lighting Design Help Me?

A lighting designer who has a background in architectural lighting design will make sure that your home or office space has the perfect balance of light. You’ll be able to see clearly without straining, no matter the time of day or the season.

When designing, they take into consideration what kind of activity will be taking place in the space, how much light you’ll actually need, the shade of light (white, yellow, colored, etc.,), how the light will be distributed across the area, and how the people inhabiting the space will react to the light.

So, they’re not just thinking about function, but also aesthetic, as well as energy-efficiency, to give you the perfect blend.

How Do I Find a Good Lighting Design Company?
One of the best ways to find a good lighting design company is to start asking around for personal recommendations. You’ll have the word of colleagues, friends, or family who have used the company before that they did a satisfactory job. However, if no one you know has had their lighting redone recently, it’s time to turn to the Internet for some research.

Almost all companies now have a Web presence — and a contact number, if you want or need to ask more in-depth questions. Don’t be afraid to get on the phone with them. Their reaction time and willingness to answer questions will also reveal a lot about the company as well. You should definitely compare and contrast — ask for quotes if you can get them — and check out any reviews or testimonials they have on their websites.

You don’t have to put up with bad lighting — do something about it today and get in touch with a lighting design company!

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