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There’s A Better Way To Repair Your Home

Tric trenchless m100 system

While most of us like to pretend that our sewage magically vanishes once it leaves our house, the fact is that all of that water and other matter has to go somewhere: your sewer system. Plumbing and sewer pipes are prone to problems just like every other home utility. If you’re a homeowner, then you likely already know how time-consuming and destructive sewer line repair or septic cleaning can be. What you might not already know is that there is a better way to repair home sewer pipe: trenchless pipe bursting.

Trenchless pipe bursting and other trenchless sewer line methods have been available for use in residential homes for over a decade, but many homeowners are still unfamiliar with these options. In fact, a recent Angie’s list poll found that 78% of homeowners polled had not heard of “no dig” sewer technology. However, trenchless methods are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, and for good reason. What exactly is trenchless pipe bursting?

Trenchless pipe bursting is a method of repairing or replacing a home’s sewer pipes without needing to dig into the ground to reach pipes or drains. That means a home’s pipes can be repaired with 90% less damage done to the grounds or concrete work. Most homeowners are proud of their yards and gardens, and would prefer not to have to dig to repair pipes or sewer lines. In another recent Angie’s List survey, 73% of homeowners said they would willingly spend more on trenchless pipe bursting if it meant they could preserve their home’s existing landscaping, patio, deck, or other outdoor features. Trenchless methods could be just the thing to avoid damage to your home when repairing your drains or pipes.

Sewer repair does not need to be a time-consuming headache. There is a better way: trenchless pipe bursting. Specialized technicians, not plumbers, are trained in these trenchless techniques that ensure your yard and home are spared from any possible destruction that traditional sewer repair methods might cause. Trenchless pipe bursting materials are also extremely durable, with warranties typically ranging between 10 and 50 years. If you need your home’s sewer repaired or replaced, find a trenchless pipe repair company near you.

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