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The Right Windows to Endure Hurricane Winds

Nature’s fury, as they call it, describes any storm or natural disaster that may have a major impact on the local terrain and man-made property. This may range from a volcanic eruption to earthquakes, avalanches, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more. Buildings and infrastructure may damaged or destroyed during such an incident, since buildings can’t simply be packed up and moved out of the storm’s path. People can be evacuated, but the buildings must be made to endure a storm or earthquake when it strikes. Fortunately, today’s technology allows buildings to resist earthquakes, flooding, strong winds, and more. Buildings near California’s San Andreas fault have specialized foundations and walls to endure earthquakes, and many buildings are on elevated foundations to avoid flooding.

Hurricanes, meanwhile, are an entire category of their own. These powerful storms bring to bear strong winds, windblown debris, flooding, and even tornadoes, and they can devastate a city unless the buildings there are prepared ahead of time. Often, impact resistant sliding glass doors and hurricane glass windows are the solution, and windows and doors manufacturers along the east coast may supply hurricane proof windows and impact resistant sliding glass doors for contractors to use. Impact glass doors are no ordinary glass doors; these impact resistant sliding glass doors have a glaze on them to keep them from shattering during a storm, and the same is true of hurricane proof windows. These impact resistant sliding glass doors can prevent a lot of expensive property damage every year.

All About Hurricanes

Hurricanes are a good example of “nature’s fury,” and even smaller hurricanes may prove powerful and devastating. Hurricane season in the United States and the Caribbean runs from June through the end of November, and for historical context, a total of 158 hurricanes struck the United States throughout the 20th century. The state of Florida alone received 57 of them, and Texas experienced 26 of them along its coast with the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, studies and statistics suggest that hurricanes are becoming even more powerful and frequent now in the 21st century, possibly due to climate change. Some recent hurricanes reinforce that idea, seeing how in 2017, 10 different storms in a row formed into full-fledged hurricanes. A feat like that has not been seen since the year 1893.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma, which also formed in 2017, stands as the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record. This enormous storm, a Category 5 hurricane, contained a staggering seven trillion watts of energy and boasted 185 MPH winds for 37 straight hours. During its lifetime, this storm devastated the Caribbean, and as one example, some 90% of the buildings on Barbuda were totally destroyed. Fully 60% of the island’s population was left homeless after the storm had passed, and it is possible that a hurricane of this caliber might happen again sometime. This is why impact resistant sliding glass doors and hurricane proof windows are installed on modern commercial buildings, to help resist the power of these winds and flying debris. This can help prevent a lot of expensive property damage and save lives, too.

Installing Hurricane Proof Glass

As mentioned earlier, there is no means of diverting or preventing a hurricane, nor relocating the buildings standing in its way. Instead, these buildings and cities will set up anti-hurricane features such as levees to contain flooding, and impact resistant sliding glass doors and windows to prevent extensive property damage inside a building. Not only are floods devastating, but if a building’s windows are blasted apart, then rain, winds, and debris can get into the building and cause a lot of damage. This can and often is prevented with the right glass.

Many contractors in Florida and other hurricane-prone areas will construct buildings with hurricane proof windows and glass doors, and turn to local suppliers and manufacturers for these specialized materials. This allows a building to resist hurricanes from the moment it is finished, and if someone buys an older building for business, they may have old or worn out windows replaced with newer models that more easily resist hurricanes. Typically, windows and glass doors can resist winds stronger than 100 MPH if they have an impact-resistant glaze rated +105/-130, so they can survive strong winds and allow flying debris to bounce off them.

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