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The Importance of Local Radon Testing

For your home to be completely safe, you shouldn’t put off having your entire house undergo local radon testing.

Fire alarms and security systems are insufficient in keeping your home protected from all potential threats. How will you know if radon poses a danger in your home unless radon gas testing is done? According to estimates, approximately one in every fifteen American homes has radon levels that are at or well above the EPA action level.

Consider yourself fortunate if radon is not present in your household. But if you’re not lucky enough, you still have a chance to remedy the situation. You must act quickly to protect your family from radon.

What Exactly Is Radon?

Your course of action should start with comprehending the nature of this lethal gas. While it’s impossible to see it with your eyes alone, the significant danger it poses to your entire household requires immediate and careful action.

Radon is a toxic and potentially dangerous gas innately produced through the natural breaking down of radioactive metals present in the environment – soil, rocks, and underground water. Such metals include uranium, thorium, and radium.

If radon is present in the earth outside your house’s perimeter – whether rocks or soil – even small gaps and cracks in the walls can serve as their entrance to your home. And if this occurs, your entire household may be constantly exposed to this hazardous element if you don’t perform local radon testing and inspection. Radon gas buildup can be dangerous to your family’s health since continuous inhaling of radon-contaminated air can end up causing life-threatening diseases.

How Radon Affects Your Health

So how can an intangible gas endanger your health and wellbeing? Being unaware of the situation’s scope and gravity will not save you from the effects of radon if it’s present in your home.

You might be shocked to discover that radon gas is responsible for approximately 20,000 lung cancer cases each year. There is a 16% increased risk of developing lung cancer for every 100 Bq/m of long-term average radon concentration.

When a person breathes in the fine, radioactive radon particles regularly, the lungs may get negatively impacted in the long run. Exposure to even low concentrations of this harmful gas for an extended period can pose a severe risk to your wellness. So you must act quickly by conducting local radon testing.

Since radon is a naturally produced gas emitted by the earth, it may be difficult to truly eliminate it from the air. Nevertheless, even though you cannot reduce its levels to zero, radon mitigation can minimize its presence to a safer level.

What You Should Do

You might be at a high risk of bringing this dangerous gas into your household if you live in a high radon potential zone. But even if you don’t, you should still do local radon testing to ensure you’re not jeopardizing your family’s health.

Now that you know how potentially dangerous radon can be to your entire household, you might want to call a radon testing company soon. Although avoiding radon exposure is impossible in radon-prone areas, what you can do is lessen its levels in your house to as low as possible.

Protect yourself and your family from high radon levels by doing the following:

  • Assess the Radon Potential: Determining whether or not your city is in a high radon potential zone is the first step. You can confirm if your home is in one of these areas by going to EPA’s website and checking the radon zone map.
  • Radon testing in your area: Conduct radon gas testing to determine if the radon levels in your house are 4pCi/L or higher. You should take the next step right away if you find out that there are high radon levels in your residence.
  • Let the Specialists Assist: If there are high radon levels in your home, take the matter seriously. Get help from the experts who can do thorough radon mitigation and abatement.

Act Now to Avoid Radon Exposure

Don’t put off testing for radon until it’s too late for your family. Colorado radon testing companies and those in other states can help mitigate radon in your home. Your entire household’s safety should be your top priority, and you can start by eliminating the risk of exposure to deadly radon gas.

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