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The Effects of Untreated Water in a Home

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There are homes that do not have any sort of water distiller. However, you could be exposing yourself to a number of harmful contaminants. In this post, you will learn the effects of untreated water. If you are experiencing hard water, you might be in need of a UV water treatment system.

  1. Potentially Harmful to Health: One reason that many choose a UV water treatment system is for their safety. Research shows that there are over 2100 contaminants that could reside within tap, several of which are poisons. However, many homeowners are unaware of the hidden potential dangers in their drinking water.

    Recent research shows that people in the United States use about 100 gallons of water each day. Having unfiltered water could mean that you and your family are exposed to chemicals and minerals. Best of all, UV water filtration systems are easy to install. Also, these systems do not require much in the way of maintenance.

  2. Filled with Minerals: Many sources of unfiltered tap water are filled with minerals. A UV filtration system can quickly ensure your water is free of those minerals. In addition, a UV water filtration system adds nothing to your water.

    Hard water can be especially high in calcium and magnesium content. The hardness of water is measured by grains per gallon. The hardness of water will range anywhere on a scale from one to over 10. Water that is over 180 milligrams per liter as calcium carbonate is considered very hard.

  3. Damaging to Appliances: An effect that isn’t as well known about hard water is what it can do to appliances. Over time, hard water can cause build up on pipes that lead to appliances. A UV purification system will easily ensure that hard water doesn’t gunk up your appliances.

In closing, using UV water treatment systems easily reduces harmful effects of untreated water. The chemicals and poisons that can be found in water are concerning. Untreated water is loaded with microscopic minerals. Many homeowners choose UV water treatment systems because of how easy they are to maintain. Finally, you can ensure that UV water treatment systems will keep your appliances free of build up.

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