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The Basics of Permanent Basement Waterproofing Services

Few people really understand what’s going on such that their basement floods. All too often, people blame poor drainage or faulty construction, but in actuality, the problem lies with the soil that surrounds their home.

When a house is constructed, the soil around the foundation of the house is disturbed. This means that it is tilled up and mixed with air, causing it to have many “pockets” where water can be held. During a rain event, this water can seep into a home’s basement through tiny cracks in the walls that are a natural part of the concrete.

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Fortunately, there are basement waterproofing services that can help with this problem. Adding a French drain around the perimeter of the basement is often one of the most helpful ways to ensure that a basement does not flood. Don’t worry, this drain can be built to be hidden under the floor if desired.

During a storm, water will seep into the basement, but will now be collected by the French drain at the lowest point in the room. Due to a slight incline, the water will then flow to a low point where a pump can transfer the water out of the basement.

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