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Switching to Solar Power Can Save You on Your Energy Bill

Sometimes you get hit with a ridiculous energy bill that your next thought is ways you can reduce. And while you do not plan to switch off your AC, especially during summer when everybody needs cooling, you can switch to solar panels and save that money you have worked hard for. Solar panels convert electricity from the sun, and this source of energy is not only unlimited but free as well. Before installing solar on your property, you can consult with an expert who knows everything about solar energy. This will give you an idea of what to expect, including installation costs and payment plans.

Most investors building multiple properties, especially on estates, are consulting with professional solar power developers, ensuring that those houses come with solar panels already installed. It has become an attractive factor for renters and homebuyers, considering how utility bills just keep going up. Most importantly, it is helping the environment by minimizing the strain we have been putting on it. In the past few years, the cost of a solar system has gone down, and so if you are looking to buy solar system for home, it is now affordable. You can learn all about solar, including the available brands on the market, and choose the one that best meets your needs.


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The thought may not have occurred to you too many times in the past, but the lifespan of a roof is not infinite. While newer residential roofing set ups will obviously have less problems than older ones, we’ve probably all been reminded of the mortality of our roof by images of buckets and pans laid out all over a floor to catch rain drops. It’s a somewhat common occurrence in older homes, and it’s a powerful image used in movies and media which people resonate with. It’s probable that this image has found its way in front of you at one point or another.

But homeowners aren’t finding issues with residential roofing or commercial roofing to be the only cost-saving upgrades available to them anymore. Now, solar panels offer property managers an opportunity to save money each month on their energy bills. An even more powerful and resonant image is conjured when one thinks of solar panels than with leaky roofs — they’re a (relatively) new and emergent technology which we will all probably integrate into our lives at some point.

Solar panels take energy from the sun and convert it into energy which is useable for your home. What this means for you is that your energy is coming from a practically unlimited source. Your dependency on the “grid”, or the mainstream electrical power system most American homes are plugged into, is lessened significantly. Having solar panels installed on a home (usually on the roof) can save a homeowner an average of around $84 per month on their energy bills. The savings can increase significantly from there depending on how little electricity you use.

Initial investment costs are down, too. While the marketplace has proven to be extremely competitive and has seen a lot of fluctuations in the pricing schema for solar panel technology, the average price of “going solar” has dropped 60 percent since the beginning of 2011.

Because of the added benefit of environmental responsibility, the government would love for you to have these panels and are willing to help you save even more money in your transition. There exists a Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which gives entities a 30 percent tax credit to residential and commercial properties that have converted to solar, or will convert by 2016. Contact a construction contractor or a team of home construction contractors today to see if you might be able to make the switch.
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