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Steel Chimney Liners, a Safe Alternative for the Entire House

Steel chimney liners

Before chimneys were invented, houses could only have one story since it was not possible to release smoke from the dwelling, but stainless steel chimney liners are an affordable alternative to a traditional chimney liner and they also have numerous benefits over the traditional chimney liner. Having a fireplace in the home makes sense to the National Association of Realtors which states that it can increase the value of the home by as much as 12,000 USD, but creosote fires result in almost 15,000 home fires per year.

Steel chimney liners are an affordable, efficient and effective way to reline a chimney and make it safer. The chimney is a technology that goes back a long way. The Romans used tubes inside of walls to draw the smoke out of their bakeries. However, steel chimney liners were not invented until the 12th Century, when they started appearing in Medieval Europe. Chimney caps, chimney covers and chimney flue liners may be unfamiliar to a lot of people. However, everyone knows what a chimney looks like.

The world’s tallest chimney is the Anaconda Smelter Stack in Montana which stands 585 feet tall. Steel chimney liners can make for greener living and they can offset acidic moisture, which is the main culprit in acidic breakdown. Acidic breakdown comes from condensed flue gases. Not too many people install chimneys in new houses, unless it is to make them more festive. A chimney in many ways seems anachronistic. There is no need to keep a house warm with a fireplace, when there are alternatives, such as heating.

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