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Signs that you need to call a Plumber

Plumbing is one of the issues that is often overlooked until it is too late. Homeowners tend to ignore minor issues that could eventually cost you in the event that you need to call a plumbing company. The greatest challenge however remains that the technical knowledge of major plumbing problems is still limited. Typically, the extent of what most people know about plumbing is limited to only what they can see. That is why it is important to understand some of the warning signs that you have a clogged pipe least it bursts and leaves you counting losses after having to call a plumber immediately. It is the minor problems that eventually escalate and leave you with a mountain of a mess as well as a huge cost from repairs. Below are some of the warning signs that you need to call a plumbing service on the dial.

A gurgling sound from your toilet is the first sign that you might have a clogged drain and therefore need to call a plumbing company. This sound should also be evident when you are running the shower or using the washing machine. In the event this happens, do not ignore the sound but seek for professional help from plumbing services near you. Some plumbing installations are not easy to repair and therefore you should never try to address some of these issues by yourself. The first step in the event of the gurgling sound is that you should turn off the water least you risk it backing up into the house.

Running Water in the Pipes
You should always call a plumbing company when you hear running water in the pipes while nobody is using it. The most likely possibility of such happenings is that you have a leak. There are signs of a leak at home such as brown spots on the ceilings, floor and walls. Most plumbers will tell you that this is a common problem in most homes. If a spot is warm, then it is your hot water line that has a leak. However, don’t take too long trying to identify which water line has a problem as a plumbing company can easily isolate the source of the problem and do the repairs before the damage is extensive. As you are waiting for your plumber, try and check whether your water meter is spinning even when there is no water in use. You can subsequently turn off the meter and see if the noise stops. If it does, then it is your hot water line that has a leak.

Low Water Pressure
Sometimes, low water pressure might not appear like a major issue. It is actually easy to ignore low water pressure around the house as the problem is always attributed to the external water system and not the internal one. However, low water pressure could be as a result of gunk buildup in the aerator. This problem however can be remedied without calling a plumbing company. Simply unscrew the aerator and clean off the gunky residue. If the pressure is not restored to normalcy, then you could be facing an even bigger problem and you need to call a plumber. You could be having a case of an eroded waterline of fractured pipe. Do not try to fix such complex issue as only a professional plumbing service can effectively carry out the repairs.

Sewage Odor
If you suddenly start experiencing a sulfur odor, there is the likelihood that you have a broken sewer pipe. This should not be left unattended since broken sewer lines can cause massive environmental pollution and leave you with a ton of a mess. In worst case scenarios, you might be forced to relocate from your home temporarily because of the smell while the plumbing company tries to address the issues and do the necessary repairs. A good rule of the thumb is to immediately call a plumber once you detect a sewage odor.

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