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Replacing Old Windows

Do you have a home that needs a window update? Watch this video to learn more about the best options for your window replacements.

In this video, Michael Holigan explains why window replacements are necessary for your home, especially if you live in an older home. Older homes tend to have single-pane windows which are not energy efficient and could be costing you more money each month. Single-pane windows are strongly affected during the summer months and can cause your air conditioning system to work harder than it needs to.

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A great option for your home is low e double pane glass. You also have options when it comes to replacing the outer lining of your windows. A great pick for this is a Simonton vinyl window. This type of window is 40% more efficient than other window types.

If you are looking to upgrade the look of your home and become more energy efficient then window replacements are a great way to do so. Replacing your old single-pane windows with new double-pane glass windows and an energy-efficient outer lining can save you money on your energy bill and give you a look that everyone wants.

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