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Plumbing Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Follow

This video is about plumbing, and it provides people with a few tips on how they can fix or maintain their plumbing systems.

The first tip is about soldering pipes and what to do if the individual is soldering the pipe near a wall and is afraid of setting the wall on fire. The quick hack for that is to put some aluminum foil in between the pipe and the wall and use it as a shield.

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Another hack the person in the video talks about has to do with needing a third hand. Some soldering jobs are challenging to do without another person there to provide the first person with an extra hand to hold the pipe. The good news is that there’s a quick fix to that. The individual can use a copper cutter and use it as a vice. The copper cutter will hold the piece of pipe up nicely while the individual performs the intended job.

Some above-head pipes make a lot of noise when they expand as the water runs through them. One way to resolve that complication is to remove its clip and then put a small piece of cardboard between the overhead pipe and the wood it’s attached to. Those are just a few hacks that will make plumbing easier. Many more are available in the video.

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