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Plumbing Problems Don’t Have to Be Draining

Tankless water heater

Indoor plumbing is something that 21st Century Americans take for granted. We don’t often think about the fact that our not too distant ancestors were taking care of their business in facilities located outside. Running water no longer has to be pumped from the local well, and our sewer systems are the best there ever have been. All of these modern conveniences are wonderful, but what if they break down? What do we do if our water suddenly stops running. Who do we call if we find we have slow drainage or more severe sewer problems? If it’s a plumbing emergency situation or a drain cleaning procedure, a good plumber is someone you hope to never need but is good to have on call.

One of the most expensive plumbing related issues is water leaks. They often go unnoticed for quite sometime, but identifying them and repairing them can save homeowners about 10% on their water bills. Leaky faucets can be an especially costly situation. A faucet that lets go of a drop per second can cost the average homeowner over 3,000 gallons per year.

Sewer problems can be another very expensive problem to come up for a homeowner. Sewer repair is something to be handled only by a trained professional. The complications that can arise from sewer problems are numerous. If sewer systems are not properly maintained, they will likely not reach their lifespan potential. If you’ve got a sewer system that is 40 years old or older, chances are you’ll need a new one. Sewer problems that arise with properties over 40 years old will often be the result of an intrusion into the pipe joints by tree roots. Acts of nature, various accidents and gradual wear over time can damage sewer lines, but tree roots cause the most sewer problems.

Despite the number of problems that can occur overtime to all different kinds of plumbing components and systems, our modern plumbing is still the best that there has ever been. Plumbing is as old as the ancient cities in Greece, China, India and Rome. Where large groups of people need clean water to flow in and dirty water to flow out, sewer systems are needed. The early designs invented by the Roman Empire have been adapted and improved upon by civilizations throughout the centuries, and America has taken the materials used to make sewers as modern as can be to a whole new level.

Trenchless sewer lines have been around for some 10 to 15 years, giving home and business owners a great deal of confidence in any new replacements they might need. With trenchless sewer systems, property owners can expect to have fewer sewer problems than they ever had with conventional materials.

We all need plumbing. We all are seriously thankful for our sewer systems, whether we think about it often or not. Nobody wants to go back to pumping their own water or visiting the outhouse at three o’clock in the morning. But with the modernization of our plumbing comes the need for an expert plumber to keep everything running properly. It may not be the most glamorous job, but you’ll be glad you know a good plumber when you need one.

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