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Outer Banks Real Estate is Becoming Increasingly Popular Here’s Why

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The Outer Banks is a 200-mile-long grouping of narrow peninsulas off the coast of North Carolina and part of Virginia. It’s one of the most popular regions for condominiums and beach properties in the U.S., and we understand why. Many people looking for homes for sale call realtors about the outer banks for the following reasons:
1. Outer Banks History
Outer banks history is a rich tradition that calls to mind the robust and glorious start of America. The outer banks history tradition boasts the story of the Roanoke Colony. Roanoke was one of the first English colonies and is where the first person of British decent was born. It is famous for disappearing seemingly into thin air, and any outer banks history buff probably has a thing or two to say about Roanoke. The outer banks historical tradition can also claim the Wright Brothers. In a little seaside town called KittyHawk, the two brothers conducted their historic airplane flight in the winter of 1903.
2. The Outer Banks Lifestyle
If you’re looking for good weather, a laid back atmosphere, lots of outdoor activities like 4-wheeling, hunting, fishing, and golfing, or you just want to live with like-minded people close to the ocean, then the outer banks is the right place for you.
3. The Current Real Estate market
There are lots of reasons to want to own a home. Maybe you want to live in a better neighborhood, or maybe you’re just finally in a place where you’re sick of renting and can afford a mortgage. Whatever the reason, you should buy as soon as you can if you’re thinking about snagging some outer banks property. Why? Well basically, the economy is improving, and that means outer banks development is on the rise. One such example is the proposed bridge project that would connect HWY 158 to Corolla. That means more commuters, more tourists, and basically more all-around demand for outer banks living. When demand rises, that means realtors can all of a sudden sell more stuff, which puts them in a position to bargain and charge higher prices.
You want to buy a house when it’s still YOUR market — aka, a buyer’s market. This means you have a greater chance of getting a better price for your outer banks home if you buy now, before development an beach nourishment have reached their peak.
Just remember…
We don’t know what all you’ve hear about realtors and we’re pretty sure they get a bad rap. But we strongly recommend going through a realtor if you’re planning on searching for houses for sale within the outer banks. The outer banks is a very close-knit sort of place, and often a locally living realtor will have knowledge that you can’t even access as an outsider. In fact, fully 98% of people who hire realtors grudgingly admit that they are good sources of information, so don’t cheap out! Hire your capable middle man today and go beachfront property shopping.

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