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It May Be Time To Remodel How Do You Feel About a New Kitchen?

Inexpensive home improvement ideas

Whether you are searching for country kitchen design ideas, cottage kitchen design ideas, or even contemporary kitchen design ideas, the best kitchen design ideas are not what everyone else likes, but what you think would work best. The next time you spend several hours perusing bookmark boards, do not worry about what the most people have shared, but what you think would look the best. Better yet, rather than seeing hundreds of examples of contemporary kitchen design ideas that you will never do, just look for a list of trends to get some inspiration, and then expand.

1. Shape

The U shaped kitchen is the most popular design of 2013. It allows for the most room, keeping it open and workable for two people. The L shape is next most popular. This can provide a significant amount of counter space, and is ideal for smaller areas. It can look and feel deceptively larger. Lastly, there is the G shaped kitchen. It is aesthetically pleasing, but cuts the kitchen off from the rest of the house. It is great for limited space kitchens because it extends and expands upon limited counter space.

2. Furniture and Appliances

The rustic look is back in. Wood grains are very popular all over the home, no moreso than in the kitchen. Repurposed furnishings are big as well. Finding an antique table and resealing it is a great and unique kitchen table. Butchers blocks make for great cutting boards or even counter tops if they are finished properly. Space and energy saving appliances are a big draw right now. But those attributes do not have to sacrifice style, as you can find one to go with anything you have planned.

3. The Rest

Grays are a very popular color for kitchens. They keep things neutral and solid, which allows for the food to shine. The number one counter top option this year has been quartz because it is incredibly durable and fits with just about anything style-wise. Other top options are ceramic or porcelain, because they can be designed to have the appearance of stone, wood, or even fabric.

Plenty of options to choose from. Mix and match when you finally do decide on the remodel. You should never pick an entire kitchen design and go from there. Start from scratch and truly customize it. The kitchen is the most important room in the house, make sure that it looks that way.

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