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How Trex Deck Builders Install New Decks

Many homeowners want to improve their outdoor space so they can enjoy their yards. One of the best home improvement projects to achieve this goal is deck installation. While traditional decks are made out of wood, there are modern synthetic materials that last longer than wood and are insect resistant. One of those materials is Trex.

Trex deck builders create decks that look like traditional wood decks but are finished with a synthetic water-resistant material. They do use wood for the support structure of the deck, however.

Video Source

The video posted here shows how a Trex deck is installed. The contractor installing the deck starts by building the deck’s structure and attaching it to the house using precisely placed carriage bolts set through a ledger board. The posts for the deck are set in concrete to give them strength and stability. Once the deck support structure is built, the contractor finishes up the deck construction project by installing the Trex composite boards on the deck. These boards are installed with camo clips. These clips give the deck a beautiful seamless finish without visible screws.

To learn more about Trex decks, contact Trex deck builders in your area.

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