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How to Protect Copper Pipes From Corrosion

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Copper pipes begin to corrode when they’re exposed to water. It’s necessary for homeowners and businesses to invest in pipe corrosion protection to prevent the pipes from degrading too quickly. This video explains the methods used to prevent corrosion in copperr pipes so you know what to do.

One of the ways that plumbers protect pipes is by putting in a thin film of protective filament. If you are still experiencing problems due to pipe corrosion, you need to investigate the matter further. Check with neighbors to see if they have similar issues. It may be that the water supply has particularly “hard” water. While it’s still safe to drink, minerals and the chemistry of the water, itself, may hasten pipe corrosion.

Problems can also be caused by water stagnation. If you turn off the water supply to a building, the water already in the pipes will sit there and slowly corrode the pipes. If you own seasonal property, like a summer home, make sure that someone turns on the water once in a while when you’re not there to prevent stagnant water.

The reverse can also cause problems. If the water velocity is too high, then it will erode the metal pipe. Improperly soldered joints will also create localized turbulence and erode the copper.

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