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How to Maintain a Summer Lawn

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Proper lawn maintenance will keep your grass looking healthy and green all summer long. The intense heat of summer can take a toll on the turf but if you take care of front yard landscaping with proper lawn care long maintenance then you won’t have anything to worry about. There are many lawn services that you can hire if you choose but here are a few tips for lawn maintenance during the summer that you can do yourself.

  1. Mow to the right height
    In the summer you will want to leave your grass a little bit taller. You can adjust your lawnmower to do this. The reason being is that the taller grass can shade the soil in order to cut down on water evaporation. This will lead to healthier and deeper roots and will also prevent weeds from germinating. The ideal grass height varies depending on the type of grass that you have. However, across the board you should time your mowings so that you are never removing more than one third of the grass height at one time.

  2. Water correctly
    The best way to water your lawn is not very often and very deeply. Rather then giving it a surface sprinkle every day, try drenching the lawn once a week. You will quickly notice a difference. You could check with your local water company to find out when the best times are for intense waterings like that. They will probably be able to recommend a good irrigation schedule for you.

  3. Get rid of grubs
    Different seasons have different pests, critters and grubs that will invade your yard. In the summer the biggest problems are beetles and chafers. You’ll have to determine your own methods of pest control depending on how you feel about different products. It’s never a good idea to use chemicals as much as possible because they could end up sleeping through the soil and into the water supply underground. The best time to put down pest control is in the beginning of summer when they’re just beginning to lay eggs in the grass.

  4. Keep a sharp blade
    It’s better to not mow the grass them to mow with a dull blade. A dull mower blade can bend and tear the grass which leaves ragged edges that will eventually turn brown. A good rule of thumb is to sharpen the blade after every 10 hours of mowing. You could purchase a second blade to make sure that you always have a sharp blade on hand when you need it.

  5. Fertilize properly
    Warm season grass is need nutrients to grow strongly during summer so they will need to be fertilized. Again, you will need to look into products and fertilizers that appeal to you. Try sticking to organic and natural products rather than chemical fertilizers. This is not only good for your grass and soil but also for your family and your pets.

  6. Deal with weeds
    Unfortunately, weeds are a common problem for lawn maintenance. They need to be dealt with as soon as they are seen. The best time to apply weed control is at the beginning of the season, depending on the type of turf that you have. If you are about to seed or over seed then you don’t want to put down her besides, you will merely need to pull the weeds from the root until you can apply an actual weed control.

  7. Clean up after pets
    If you let your dog run around in the yard, you probably always clean up it’s waste matter but do you ever think about the urine? Urination left on the lawn can cause dead spots. You should spray the area down with water in order to dilute it into the soil. If this is a regular properly, create a mulched or pebbled area for your dog to use while it is outside.

Proper lawn maintenance requires a lot of work and patience. If you end up getting frustrated, you won’t have a very nice lawn. However, keeping up on the work can make it much easier then if you let it go and then only go out when it starts looking ragged. An even better idea might be to have a professional come by every so often and take care of the upkeep for you.

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