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How to Keep Your Property Safe

In this video, you will learn about slip and fall injuries. If you are a property owner, you are liable for injuries that occur on your property. You should take precautions to maintain your property so that you can avoid lawsuits. If you have slipped and fallen on someone’s property, you need to make sure that you know your legal rights.

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If you have fallen on someone’s property, it is not hard to create a case. Make sure you have all of the facts and information. The duty of care is what the case relies on. It is in your rights as a citizen to be able to walk on the sidewalk. The limitation is if you are trespassing. When you are not wanted or welcomed, the property owner cannot be responsible for a slip and fall injury. The property owner must take reasonable action to maintain their property so instances like slips and falls do not occur. If the injured person did something that contributed to their own injury, this is a leg for the defendant to stand on. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching for more information.

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