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How to Control Pests in Beaverton

Ants beaverton

Did you know that termites and cockroaches share a common ancestor that existed three hundred millions years ago? It is no wonder they are so difficult to get rid of. They have been around for a long time and are unlikely to go anywhere soon. It is possible, however, to control the level of insect activity in and around your home or company with pest control Beaverton. Here are some tips for keeping your home pest free.

One, did you know that ants can lift up to fifty times their own weight? That is like a human lifting a car. Do not give them crumbs to take back to their queen, but remember to sweep your floor frequently and limit the rooms of the house in which food is eaten. Close lids tightly, and do not allow your garbage to overflow. Clean up sticky spills when they happen.

Two, if you decide to use pest control Hillsboro or pest control milwaukie, do your research. Ask your friends and family for recommendations of quality pest control beaverton they have used, et cetera. Remember to ask questions about the sort of treatments they are able to use in your home, and the potential effectiveness of each treatment.

Three, a pest control Gresham company would probably advise you to spray outside as well if you have a home with a low foundation, which is basically like a welcome mat for scavenging insects such as ants. Spraying the border of your home can often prevent unwanted guests from coming inside.

No matter how you take care of your pest control beaverton problem, remember that a tidy house keeps the bugs away.

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