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How Regular Crane Inspections Protect You During Renovations

As a construction worker, safety is the number one priority. Projects can range from mild to dangerous, often damaging equipment. For cranes, it’s not just important, it’s crucial to get regular crane inspections, especially before use. The YouTube channel WorkSafeBC vividly illustrates the many dangers that can happen to cranes, telling the potential risks of cranes.

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Catch Damages Leading to Malfunctions
Damage can accumulate over time, starting from the tiniest crack. While this may not seem alarming, it can escalate into a major issue under significant stress. This poses a grave risk, as the load can be dropped, potentially injuring anyone below. Fortunately, crane inspections are run by qualified individuals who can keep a keen eye to detect even the most minor damage others might overlook.

Prevents Death and Injury
There are plenty of construction workers who end up getting hurt by cranes. These cranes are often not inspected frequently, leading to wear and tear. Once that happens, a crane can drop its load onto a worker or damage property. That’s why safety is not just important, it’s paramount to crane operators and their coworkers, emphasizing their crucial role in maintaining a safe work environment.

The Bottom Line
Inspections are not to be taken lightly, and if a company is particularly concerned, they can opt for daily checkups. This rigorous approach helps to ensure the absence of any issues and the optimal performance of the crane.

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