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How Air Conditioning Changed Southern Politics

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AC and heating systems are what have made the lives of Americans so pleasant over the past few decades. This is as true in Virginia as anywhere else. To survive the torrid summers and exceptional humidity, we have air conditioning Virginia has to offer. But did you know that air conditioning virginia offers may be responsible for a state political shift, turning the state from Democrat to Republican. This theory applies to other Southern states, but may be particularly relevant in Virginia. After all, demographic changes happen constantly, thanks to air conditioning Virginia offers.

How did air conditioning Virginia offers encourage a solid Republican South? The theory starts testing its hypotheses around 1960, when the Republican party had little national influence. Having a largely libertarian platform at the time, the Republican party did not fair well in the South, where it was seen as the party that fought the Civil War against them. However, states rights were a major issue at the time, and the Democrat Party had divided support for this. The Republican party had a platform that matched the states rights lobby, and Barry Goldwater won every state in the Deep South in 1964.

What does this have to do with air conditioning Virginia offers? Starting in the 1960s, air conditioning Virginia offers became ubiquitous in Virginia homes, as it did elsewhere in the South. As residents could feel comfortable in the summer, Americans overcame the torrid climate for the low taxes and low cost of living the South had to offer. As the theory goes, air conditioning virginia residents enjoyed caused a population explosion that led to more Republican votes. This pattern was also repeated elsewhere in the South, especially in Georgia and North Carolina.

Of course, Virginia demographics are changing again. This probably has less to do with air conditioning Virginia offers, and more to do with an international immigrant influx. But more than anything else, including a plumber in Hampton Roads, air conditioning Virginia offered may have changed the political landscape. So the next time you hear that heat and ac portsmouth va offer is bunk, just shrug it off.

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