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Get the Right Landscaping with These 6 Tips

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How the outside of your home looks is as important as how the inside looks. Most real estate agents tell their clients to work on the landscaping for their home before they try to sell the property. At least 90% of them recommend this. A good landscaping job can increase the resale value of a home by as much as 14%. Here are some tips to make your experience with landscapers the best it can be.

  1. Work out your budget. Before you start any large scale project inside or outside of your home, you need to know what you can spend. Spend some time looking at your finances, what you have coming in and going out to see what you can realistically expect to be able to spend on your landscaping. When you talk to landscapers Plano TX, you need to know what your budget is and what you need to get done sooner than later. If you need a retaining wall, that may have to be done right away but some of the other ideas you have may have to wait.
  2. Map out a plan. You need to spend some time on your landscaping design before you start a project like this. Make a timeline of when you expect work to be done on your landscaping project. It is important to do things in an order that makes sense. For instance, if you are putting sod down, you should do that last. If you are completing projects that will require large equipment be used, you should plan the timing of that so that you are not bringing that in after the sod or after the shrubbery that will go around the perimeter has been planted.
  3. Work on the main focal point in your landscaping design. When you are working on the interior design of a room, you always start with a focal point. The same credo holds true for your landscaping design. The focal point is the main thing that you want people to look at in your yard. It is often a fountain or statue. Some people make a really interesting tree be the focal point of their landscaping design. This is really up to you. It is important to start here because this is will set the style and feel of the rest of your landscaping design. You would like to make your landscaping complement your home so keep that in mind when you are deciding what the focal point will be.
  4. Keep maintenance in mind. Maybe you went to Versailles and loved the carefully manicured trees and shrubbery. Those gardens are beautiful but you have to think about how much time and/or money you have to maintain your landscaping. For most people, more casual designs are better. They are much easier to keep looking great. The formal deigns take a lot of time and effort to maintain. Symmetry is always a nice idea but its maintenance is usually next to impossible to typical homeowners to maintain.
  5. Use curves wisely. Many people use curves to create an interesting space from their yard. When done correctly, curves can make a really nice change in a yard. You can use them around your plants, for your shrubbery and on any footpaths you have through your outdoor space. If you do not over do it, you can really create a fun space or even a zen garden. Pools that are not the typical rectangle can turn a lawn into a spa space. Many people use their gardens like they are additions to the home. Curves can make that space a relaxing space to wash the stress of the day away.
  6. Consider an outdoor cooking space. Many people add outdoor kitchens that make the space a great spot for entertaining friends and family. If you like to cook and to entertain, include an outdoor kitchen in your landscaping design and you may add a lot of value to your home. Outdoor cooking is a fun activity that many people across the country enjoy. This can be a great way to use your space.

Getting the right landscape design for your home and lifestyle takes work. You can turn your outdoor space into a great entertaining area for your family.

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