Get Ready for a Heat Wave with AC Repairs

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It’s hot outside. Summer is in full swing and the temperatures outside keep rising. Have you noticed that they keep rising in your home too? Are your energy bills becoming more expensive? Is there more hot air blowing out of your air conditioner than your teen? You need ac service. It’s time to call a professional ac company to come check your system for maintenance or ac repairs.

In hot climates within the U.S. air conditioning is not a luxury, it is a necessity. A broken air conditioner can cause health problems for young and old alike and great discomfort. There are ways to stay cool with ac repairs from a top HVAC contractor.

Understand the Signs of a Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

There are some really easy to detect signs that your ac is not working properly. Some you may even overlook by accident. The moment you notice poor airflow or no cool air flowing at all, it is time to call HVAC contractors to check your system and provide an estimate for ac repairs or maintenance. Poor airflow can be caused by compression failure, blocked vents or registers, clogged filters, dirty coils, blocked ducts, low refrigerant levels or leaks. It is always best to let ac techs define the problem and fix it.

Have you already tired adjusting your thermostat? Some issues can be caused via the thermostat even if you changed the batteries. Chances are, the thermostat needs to be updated so your ac will work correctly and more efficiently which can save you money.

Is water collecting around your ac unit? Have you noticed excessive moisture? If so, it is wise to turn off the unit immediately so you can avoid any type of electrical shortage. The causes for excess moisture tend to be clogged drain lines, or rusted condensation drain pans. When you’ve noticed excessive moisture, let professional ac companies evaluate the problem and offer affordable ac repairs.

Did You Hear That, and What’s That Smell?

Normally the sounds of an ac system will blend in with other household noises. However, when you hear a rattle, banging, clanking or chugging sound your ac system needs to be inspected. Sometimes those sounds are symptoms of a much bigger problem, possibly a loose compressor, which can escalate quickly into a broken ac unit. Screeching, squealing, whistling and humming are not quite as intense but still warrant attention from expert ac companies.

What’s that smell? Ok, your kids took a bath, your spouse wasn’t sprayed by a skunk and the dog hasn’t been laying in dirty gym socks. Is that smell coming from the ac? If you notice strange odors coming from your ac system don’t Febreze it, call an ac tech. Smells that hint at mildew are caused by excess moisture and a system that is not draining properly. If you smell a burning scent much like gunpowder or perhaps exhaust fumes you could be dealing with an electrical failure within the unit. Promptly turn off your ac and call a tech right away to fix the problem.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute for AC Repairs

The moment you notice any problems with your ac you need to have the system checked. If you want to keep any problems from happening in the future it is a good idea to have your local ac company provide you with routine maintenance and repairs on an annual basis. Start during the spring before a unit needs to be working the hardest to keep your ac in great condition.

If repairs are not possible, the earlier you find the problem the sooner you can have a faulty ac unit replaced. Get a free quote for services from experienced ac techs. The professionals are always ready to help keep your home cool and comfortable.

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