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Emerald Ash Borer Treatment is Possible, and it Works

Emerald ash borer treatments

Emerald ash borers have been a rising threat in many communities. Several Illinois counties have recently put a lot of money to provide emerald ash borer treatments for their trees. The emerald ash borer treatment efforts are focused on preserving high value trees, while the towns work on reforestation plans.

There is currently no way to totally treat a tree that after it has been infested. Scientists research emerald ash borer control methods have found that the only way to prevent the spread of the pest is with a timely intervention. The infected trees must be cut down and the uninfected trees must be treated with a pesticide, which will protect the tree for a few years. However, if the infection is caught early, there are some experimental emerald ash borer treatments that might make a tree immune to infestation. To catch the infection early, and ensure effective emerald ash borer treatment, there are a few signs to look for. A few of the identifiers are D shaped holes in the tree, where the borers have tunneled out; wilted yellow leaves and a thinning canopy in the upper part of the tree; and jagged holes made by woodpeckers who are trying to eat the larvae.

The most effective emerald ash borer treatment, and the one that many communities are eagerly paying for, is a chemical injection to the trunk of the tree. The injection is composed of a liquid systemic pesticide applied every two years to the trunk of the tree. So far, this emerald ash borer treatment has had the most success in preserving trees. It is also less costly than removing the trees that have been affected. Removing trees affects the ability of the town to withstand flooding, as trees hold back thousands of gallons of water. Trees also provide buildings with shade, and that cuts down on electricity costs. All these factors point to the benefits of using preventative emerald ash borer treatments over clear cutting the infested areas.

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