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Driveway Paver Guide

If you have ever wondered how to lay a driveway paver, watch this video for an in-depth guide.

This process requires multiple intricate steps. A driveway paver should be ideally done by a professional.

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The first step is to apply a layer of sand. The amount depends on the kind of project, but this is a very important step. The sand will act as a foundation for the paver. To do this efficiently, you ideally want more than one person levelling the sand. You want to make sure the height of the sand is being measured to ensure the accurate amount is being used.

Once the sand has been levelled to a decent extent, it will need to be compacted. This will make the surface smooth and even more level. Then the driveway needs to be surrounded with PVC pipe to get the correct level. A lot of what a driveway paver entails has to do with levelling the surface and making sure everything is in correctly before anything is actually paved. It is hard to redo these initial steps so it is best to do it right the first time.

With any questions or concerns regarding driveway pavers, contact a local company.

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