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Difference Between Custom Cabinets and Boxed Cabinets

If you are in need of new kitchen cabinets, but don’t know what the best option is when buying them, here are some great points. There are two different types of cabinets that you can buy, custom cabinets and boxed cabinets. So, what’s the difference?

Boxed cabinets are exactly what it sounds like, they come in a box. This means that when you go to your favorite home improvement store to buy kitchen cabinets, you can buy them already premade in a box. All you have to do is take them home and install them wherever you want.

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There are usually set inches that many of these cabinets come in, so you will only be able to choose a boxed cabinet based on these predetermined sizes. These types of cabinets do not have the best quality to them due to them being premade all at the same time in a warehouse somewhere by a kitchen cabinet manufacturer, so this is something to be aware of when choosing how you want to buy your next kitchen cabinets.

Custom cabinets are cabinets that you can optimize every single inch of space you have in your kitchen for these cabinets. They are customizable as the same suggests! This can be very important and can make your kitchen look clean and modern. You can create them as any size and color you want with your choice of kitchen cabinet manufacturer. You won’t be stuck with the little variety that boxed cabinets offer. This can be a great way to customize your home and get that perfect aesthetic feel you want.


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