Home Energy Bills Can Be Easily Reduced Why Residential Solar Energy Is More Affordable Than Ever

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Solar power is more accessible than you think.

It’s not a lofty concept that only a few can buy. Likewise, you don’t have to completely change how you live your life to enjoy it. Residential solar energy is slowly, but surely, becoming a staple in the United States. Millions of homeowners are reaping the benefits of renewable energy that leaves virtually no carbon footprint. Even better, they’re able to finally start redirecting excess costs to what they need the most.

Clean energy isn’t just for the future. It’s for the present. What could a solar panel fitting do to improve your life for the better?

The average American home is heavily burdened by energy expenses. Recent estimates believe heating and cooling costs make up 55% of annual utility bills! Not only is it the fault of outdated technology, it’s also an issue of outdated homes. Heat gain and heat loss through wi