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7 Tasks for the Beginning DIY Craftsman

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Are you looking to get your hands dirty? Do you feel the need to get to work on your next project? If so, you’ve come to the right place. There’s great reward in do it yourself projects. Whether you are a master craftsman or an amateur woodworker, the joy of a completed project is the same. That said, if you are a beginner you might not know what your next project may be. You may even be intimidated by a big project. If so, fear not because here is a list of easy DIY projects for beginners and up.

  1. A Simple Bed Frame
    The first project on the list is a simple bed frame. All you’d have to do is put together a few pieces of wood with undersized screws and you’ve got yourself a simple frame. This minimalist design looks great and takes very little time to complete.
  2. Shelves
    This project can become more difficult as you level up to a more complicated design. That said, creating shelves doesn’t have to be a harrowing task. Even a beginner can create a simple set of shelves using many different styles and custom shoulder bolt options.
  3. Simple Boxes
    Another project that’s great for both beginners and experts is a simple box. In fact, if you are a beginner, this is a great way to start with woodworking and crafting. These easy to create objects are both convenient for use and also a good lesson for the advanced work waiting to come.
  4. A Bird House
    This is a very common project to take on. If school students can do it, so can you. Liven up your backyard by installing this and having nature come to you. In addition, you can teach your kids a thing or two and get them started down the road of do it yourself craftsmanship.
  5. A Table
    This project is easy to take on, or it could be an advanced challenge. It all depends on what kind of table you decide to make. You could make an easy end table to put your books on, or you could get a few undersized screws and left over pipes to make a metal pipe table. No matter what, a table is a great new project to tackle.
  6. A Dresser
    Just like with some of the other projects, this one may seem hard but that’s only if you go with creating an advanced design. You can easily create a simple dresser with left over undersized screws. Then, you can celebrate as you have new storage space for you and your loved ones.
  7. A Wine Rack
    Lastly, you need a place to put all of your liquor. Once the time to celebrate is over you’ve got to find a place to store the bottles. Creating a wine rack can be the perfect option to your storage.

If you’ve got a few left over planks of wood and custom fasteners, you’ve got yourself a DIY project. This list is just a drop in the water of possible projects for you to undertake. Between tables, dressers, boxes, and win racks, there are plenty of new furniture that you can create. Try them out for size and see what you can make. More on this.

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