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7 Reasons to Choose Stone

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There are many different types of building materials that can be used depending on the type of structure that is being created or other factors. Each kind of material has its own benefits and advantages but building with stone seems to have the most recommendable things about it. From patio designs to pool deck ideas to shower tile ideas, stone installation is a commonly used material and for good reason. Below are just a few of the reasons why stone might be a good choice if you are looking into your home whether it be building a new one or doing renovations of an existing one.

  1. Accessibility
    Building with stone is particularly easy because it can be found almost anywhere and is usually free to gather. There is no shortage of stone today many different kinds can be found. There have been reports of people legally collecting stones from public lands in order to build projects. Many commercial rock quarries will allow this to and you can personally pick stones from big rubble piles and haul it off property at a very inexpensive price.

  2. Accessories
    Other than stone itself, you don’t need many other things in order to begin building. Cement, sand and gravel will usually be enough. At times you may opt for steel for reinforcement. All of these materials are also easy to find at a good price making the entire project much less of hassle than if you were to use other types of material. Even if you choose to use other materials here and there, they are optional and not a necessary cost if you can’t afford them or can’t find them.

  3. Ease
    Building with stone is not difficult. While years of stone masonry would be helpful in your project, the experience is not a requirement to be able to construct something simple. You could use one of several different kinds of modern stonework forming methods that have been made available to the general public without it being to hard to master. Of course, it is always easier to call in a professional but it could be fun to do yourself as well.

  4. Durability
    Stone is fireproof, termite and other vermin resistant and doesn’t rot. It is a very strong and durable material which makes building with stone very attractive. Buildings built with wood frames tend to crumble and decay after 50-70 years but a well built structure made of stone could last centuries. Stone walls are near impenetrable and do not attract any kind of vermin or insects to dwell in it, much less eat them.

  5. Maintenance
    Stone is a very low maintenance material. With the variety of shapes, colors, textures and sizes that stone can come in, you could decide what you want the finished product to look like and never have to repaint or repair weather damage or animal gnawing or fading. Stone will look the same years later as it did the day it was made, for the most part.

  6. Insulation
    Although it is a popular thought that stone is a poor insulator, if you live in a moderate climate, stone walls can actually be very comfortable and a very insulator. It takes awhile to heat up and cool day so during the day they will warm up, keeping the house cool in the evening and the cool of the night will keep the house cool the next day. In more extreme environments you may want to add other forms of insulation but that’s the same problem you would have with any other type of material in severe heat or cold.

  7. Value
    A house made of stone has a very high resale value. Stone houses are fairly rare, depending on where you live so a well built stone building is a beautiful and strong sight. The fact that stone houses can be made for so cheap, comparatively, it can be sold for much more, if that’s what your plans for the home entail.

There are many other benefits to building with stone but this gives you a general idea of why it is so great to focus on this material when it comes to building homes and other structures. Keep in mind that other materials may be needed depending on what it is exactly that you are building.

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