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5 Scary Ways that a Leaky Roof Could Be More Dangerous Than You Thought

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Maintaining your home’s roof is an important part of being a homeowner. This includes gutter cleaning, house washing and other upkeep, not just roof cleaning. The entire roof should be replaced every 30 or 40 years and if it has been longer than that, then you might need to start getting ready to do that. Leaking is a major problem in older roofs and is poses a lot of hazards and potential harm that you may not have even thought of. Here are just a few ways that a leaky roof could be dangerous.

Structural Damage
It’s not just a question of having to repaint or redo your ceiling after a leak; a leak can actually cause damage to the integrity of your home’s structure. A leak generally does not originate where it is dripping. At times it can have made a whole path for itself before falling into the interior of your home. The water can seep into the framing of the home as well as joists, trusses and rafters if you have an attic. If the water is allowed to sit, the wood will begin to rot and the structure of the home will start to sag and lose integrity, which is obviously a major problem for the residents who live inside it.

Fire Hazard
It might sound weird that water could be a fire hazard but it will make sense in a minute. If the home has an attic then most of the electrical wiring is located there. If it does not, there are still many homes that have all the wiring ran through the ceiling and walls. As the leak travels through the roof and into the interior of the home, it could make contact with any shorted wires or electrical boxes and cause an electrical fire which will easily spread through the rest of the home. Aside from maintaining your roof, you should also make sure the wiring in your home is checked off for shorts and breakages. If you do encounter a leak, all electricity should be temporarily shut off.

Mold and Mildew
Where this is moisture or humidity, mold and mildew can be a problem. If your home has a leak that goes unnoticed for a few months or even years, then mold will begin to spread throughout areas of the home through the ventilation systems. This can cause major respiratory problems and other health issues for the people who live in the house. Black mold is a particularly dangerous type of mold which can cause permanent internal damage if ingested.

Ceiling Damage
This one was mentioned earlier, we are all familiar with the damage done to ceilings if there is a leak but the problems can be fatal. As the leak goes through the home’s insulation, it can get into the drywall which causes the paint to peel and stains to appear on the ceiling. If you see either of these signs, you need to immediately get your roof and home checked for leaks even if you don’t see any dripping or pooling. This is because, after the peeling paint and water stains comes the sagging of the drywall and eventually, the ceiling will collapse inwards.

Expensive Utility Bills
An undetected leak can cost you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in a water bill, especially if the leak goes undetected. If you have no other way to check for leaks, keeping an eye on your water bill is a good idea but if the leak has come from rain or something outside the home, this will not be a good indicator. However, even if your home has not created the leak, you will still be paying higher energy bills because the leak will render the insulation in your home ineffective so you’ll have to pay more for heating and cooling.

In order to avoid allowing your roof to get a leak, you should always have your roofer check out the scene when they are up there for routine checks and cleaning. Make sure to replace shingles and other parts as they need it. Gutters play a big part in maintaining the quality of your roof as well so don’t leave those out!

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