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4 Tips to a Green and Healthy Lawn This Spring


There are a surprising number of homeowners who know little about healthy landscaping. They may struggle with keeping their lawns cut to an acceptable length and may ignore watering and fertilizing altogether. While hiring a professional landscaping company can increase the overall look of your yard, it can get expensive, depending on the working conditions. If you dream of a lush, full, and green yard this spring, remember these landscaping suggestions.

Regular lawn cutting
You may be tempted to skip a lawn cut when the weather has been dry and the grass has grown little. However, regular lawn cuttings can actually help your lawn be healthier. It can encourage new growth and it can fertilize other areas of the yard. One of the biggest reasons for putting off regular lawn cutting is time. Homeowners with careers and families may not have enough time to spend mowing their lawn. Reduce your outdoor working conditions by hiring a professional landscaping company for mowing, and handle the gardening yourself.

Gardening can actually also improve the overall condition of your lawn. When you take the time to plant flowers, bushes, and trees, you are also helping the nearby environment. This further encourages grass to grow and be healthier. Also, an important part of gardening involves pulling weeds. Weeds are a common problem among outdoor spaces and can prevent construction jobs, as well as the growth of your garden. In spring 2014, the number of people who did gardening within the last 12 months amounted to 113.5 million in the United States. Reduce your gardening working conditions by investing in time saving tools.

Water regularly
People who live in dry climates may have a harder time growing green lawns. The professional demands of landscapers in these areas may be more expensive because of the extreme jobs needed to improve the lawn. If you live in a dryer area with little to no rainfall, you need to increase the amount you water your lawn. Watering will ensure that the lawn does not dry out and that it is able to properly grow. To achieve the same results as wetter climates, you might have to invest in additional watering tools.

For green landscaping, it is often best to use a soaker hose no more than 100 feet long. When you choose a hose that is longer, you lose some of the water pressure and are unable to effectively water your lawn. If working conditions of the lawn require that you spend many hours per day watering, you may opt for a professional sprinkler system. Optimal lawn watering with a sprinkler system usually takes about an hour to 90 minutes, but you can spend this time gardening or doing work indoors. Be sure that your sprinkler system is properly sanitized after every use for the best results.

Some lawns are still brown and lack growth, even after regular watering and gardening efforts. If you are still struggling with the appearance of your lawn after these suggestions, fertilizer may be a more successful option. Fertilizer is a nutrient packed soil that mixes in with your current grass and land. It encourages the growth of grass and flowers. An effective fertilizer should result in quick and thick growth. If you are hesitant about how much and what type of fertilizer to use, consider outsourcing the job to a professional landscaping company that is familiar with the working conditions of fertilizer.

Spring is a common time for gardening and lawn tasks. Depending on the weather conditions of your home state, you may be left with brown and dry grass. You can improve the overall look of your industrial grass by regularly cutting, watering with a sprinkler system, gardening, using professional landscaping services, and using fertilizer as a backup option. Most landscaping companies are familiar with the different aspects of lawn care health and can usually provide additional healthy landscaping tips.

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