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4 Reasons All Homeowners Should Invest in Window Replacement

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When homeowners think about renovations they would like to do, they usually picture new flooring, walls painted a different color or an upgraded kitchen. These renovations can increase the worth of your house, save on money down the road or add a touch of personality to the home. While renovations typically have to do with cosmetic changes, it is just as important for homeowners to consider practical renovations for their home.

It may not have crossed your mind before, but when was the last time you checked out your windows? They?re in nearly every room of your house, yet we don?t often give them much attention. You may be wondering how you assess the quality of your windows or how you find a window company to answer your questions. To make things easy on you, we?ve put together a list of 5 reasons you should consider having your home windows replaced and why having the best windows is important.

1. You can save money.

You may not have noticed, but over time your windows can become drafty. Not only might air be escaping from inside your home to the outdoors, but also air may be sneaking from outside to inside your home. Whether you?re heating your home or cooling it down, this interferes with the cost of your energy bill. It could skyrocket 10-25% if your windows aren?t doing their job. When thinking about calling up a window company to replace that drafty home window, you should consider a dual-paned window. Generally, they are two times more effective than single-paned windows at keeping the heat or air conditioning inside your home.

2. You?ll make money in the long run.

Even if you aren?t trying to sell your home, investing in new windows cuts down on your energy bills and makes your home worth more. The average cost of replacing one window can vary between $300-700. Don?t let those numbers scare you, though. If 45% of the average home energy bill is due to heating according to the Department of Energy, you?ll appreciate new window installation that guarantees you a lower energy bill. You?re spending a little bit of money to make money. The National Association of Realtors even says that homeowners who invest in window replacement see an 80% return on that investment in the long run.

3. Your windows will last longer.

Just like any home maintenance, a new, higher quality item is worth the investment. The last time a window company replaced the windows on your home, it?s likely the windows were an older model. Today, you can purchase energy efficient windows with low-E coatings that reduce your energy bill. Also, by investing in a higher quality product, you?re set for 20 or more years according to the Efficient Windows Collaborative. Simply keep them maintained to guarantee their value. Don?t keep those old double-paned windows on your home when they?re costing you money with each day.

4. Easy thing to add to your renovation to do list

Calling up a window company and replacing your windows may seem like a nuisance, but it?s really just another part of home renovations. With two-thirds of homeowners renovating their homes, it?s important to recognize the importance of upkeep and maintenance. Not all renovation is about cosmetics and appearance. When you set out to create your dream room or kitchen, don?t forget about the basics. You want windows that guarantee you?re getting the most of your money and staying comfortable in your heated or air conditioned home.

As you move forward in your home renovation project, don?t forget to do your research on window companies. Make sure you find a window company that offers the best windows that are high quality and in your price range. Let us know in the comments below whether or not you replaced your windows recently!

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