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3 Reasons why you need water a good filtration system

Whole house water filter

Not all potable water is clean and safe to drink. In fact, many of the public water that comes from various sources may be filled with toxins and contaminants although by standards our water should be well treated by the time it reaches our home. This is the reason why it is necessary to treat our water before drinking. Especially if we have children, contamination may cause serious health risks to them. If you are not aware of the dangers that are in our public water system today, here are three reasons why you need a good water filtration system.

First, the EPA stated that about 90 percent of our water meets safety drinking standards. EPA regulates contaminants in public drinking water. Around 80 contaminants are regulated, such as lead, e. coi, chlorine and cryptosporidia. In some cases however, the treatment of our water is not enough to make it totally safe to drink. This is because water contamination can occur anywhere from the water source to our homes. A single leak in the pipelines can in fact cause serious contamination. This is in fact not uncommon. We hear from the news now and again how a certain town or city water supply is contaminated with coliform bacteria. This can be prevented with the use a good water filtration system, such as Omni water filters. Omni water filters kills bacteria and other sources of health hazards in our water system.

Second, although our water is treated, the treatment themselves may be the cause of toxins in our water. For example, in some cities chlorine and fluoride are added to treat the water. Then there are also other cities that do not have the standard filter. In other words, they fail to meet the EPA standard for water filtration. This is the reason why it is necessary to use water filtration system or whole house water filter that can purify, clean and remove chemicals from our water. Examples of these are the Omni Water Filters, Pentek water filters or American plumber water filter. Omni Water Filters for example, uses the latest in water treatment and purification technology so that your water comes out free from harmful chemicals, bacteria and pollution.

Third, the use of water filter, such as Omni Water filters is also advisable for those who get their water from private water supplies. According to studies, 15 percent of public water is contaminated with bacteria, such as coliform bacteria. When it comes to private water supplies, 40 percent of them are also contaminated. Omni Water Filters has wide range of water filters and purifiers so you can actually choose the right one that you need. From water pitcher filter to whole house filtration system, Omni Water Filters offers you the right water filtration system. And if you do not know which one to choose, they can also help you find what is best for your home.

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