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Month: October 2016

Did You Know You Can Save Hundreds Of Dollars Yearly By Fixing Your Leaky Faucet?

October 27, 2016

What do you do when you need toilet repair? A backed-up toilet can seriously throw a home into disarray and put a serious dent in both your schedules and funds. Emergency plumbing services are a viable resource if you have a toilet that’s not behaving and you need to get it fixed as soon as […]

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‘Water’ You Waiting For? Here’s Why Your Swimming Pool Needs a Fence

October 21, 2016

As the year winds down, so do the average temperatures across many states in the US. Bare feet and swimsuit-clad days spent at the beach are often replaced with days spent indoors or in the snow. But for residents across the country who have access to heated swimming pools or spas, they are able to […]

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Reasons You Should Purchase a Tankless Water Heater

October 18, 2016

If you are looking to get a tankless water heater, you may need to look into the same company that offers you propane services. Most of these companies that do propane service also help out with heating your home with a tankless water heater. You may not know this, but your tankless water heater is […]

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Three Reasons to Consider Renting Equipment Instead of Buying

October 13, 2016

Many people believe that it is more beneficial to purchase equipment rather than rent it. This is not always the best practice however, and it can lead to spending more money than intended. For example, a suggested rule is that if a piece of equipment is only being used less than 60% or 70% of […]

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Does Your Family Feel Safe When They Go to Bed at Night?

October 11, 2016

It was a disaster waiting to happen. Between the strange noises that the automatic garage door had been making recently and the fact that you had no idea where you had a key to the front door of your house, the disaster was bound to happen some time. Unfortunately, when the bad karma occurred it […]

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Three Things to Consider Before Refinishing Your Bathtub

October 8, 2016

There comes a time that all good things must come to an end. While this is true in any life application, today we’re talking about when your tub reaches the end of its functioning life. When your bathtub is rusted, busted or just wore out, you must decide whether you want to pursue a tub […]

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Michigan Police Announce Warning About Residential Roofing Scam

October 6, 2016

A residential roofing scam is affecting Michigan residents. Michigan police are issuing warnings to area residents to watch out for a roofing scam that is costing residents hundreds of dollars. Van Buren County Sheriff Dale Gribler announced in late September to Michigan residents to be aware of a bronze-colored Chevy pickup truck that has been […]

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