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Does Your Family Feel Safe When They Go to Bed at Night?

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It was a disaster waiting to happen.
Between the strange noises that the automatic garage door had been making recently and the fact that you had no idea where you had a key to the front door of your house, the disaster was bound to happen some time.
Unfortunately, when the bad karma occurred it just happened to be the night when you were already running late. Flying in and out of the garage you had already picked your daughter up from school 30 minutes early so that she could make it to her afternoon orthodontist appointment. After just a few minutes at home, your daughter changed and got ready for the evening’s school orchestra concert rehearsal. You had just returned home from dropping her at the school, and you were planning to meet your husband at the house and driving to the actual concert together.
In the midst of all of this coming and going, the garage door quit working. Actually, it crashed. You have always been in the habit of not pulling into the garage until the garage door has completely opened, so the crashing garage door did not damage the van. You were, however, stuck outside, with no way of getting in. During its fall the garage door became totally jammed, half on and half off the track. With no way to enter the house through the garage, you immediately knew that you would not be able to get in the front door either. No house key was on your keyring.
When your husband arrived home, he found you waiting for a locksmith to arrive so that you could at least get into the house and search for a front door key that you could use until the garage door was replaced.
Commercial Replacement Doors Provide Safety from Intruders and Fire
Often, homeowners think of apartment complexes or businesses when commercial replacement doors are mentioned. These high quality commercial replacement doors, however, can function equally well in residential settings. More sturdy than some residential doors, these commercial replacement doors also come with commercial door locks that are more difficult to break through.
Unfortunately, when homeowners are selecting a front or back door for their home, they often focus on aesthetics. The decision to find a raised panel door with a decorative arch, for instance, can take presidence over other more important factors. And while raised panels and curved accents may be attractive, they are far from what is needed to protect a family from an intruder in the event of a break in.
Selecting and installing a door should be about more than looks. The front door you select, whether it be for a single family home, an apartment complex, or a business, should offer the latest safety features, everything from offering different types of keys to fire and smoke resistance.
Front doors are, in many ways, a homeowner’s first defense in protecting a family and their belongings. An old wooden door that can easily be kicked through or a wooden frame with a lock that can be easily fixed can serve as an invitation to criminals. In a time when some criminals are more bold and more dangerous, having a quality front door should be common sense. Consider the following statistics about burglaries and break ins if you want more evidence supporting an investment in a quality front door:

  • 59% of all burglaries in the year 2013 were the result of forced entry.
  • 63% of residential burglaries take place during the day.
  • 34% of break ins involve thieves who enter through the front door of a home.
  • 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported every year in the U.S.
  • 10% of homes have deadbolts that may be improperly installed, allowing thieves easy access to the inside your home.
  • 74% of all the burglary offenses in the year 2013 occurred on residential properties.

When buyers are looking for a new home or building their dream home, the safety of the front door does not always get the attention that it deserves. In a time, however, when residential break ins and burglaries are becoming more daring and destructive, many homeowners are looking to increase the safety of their home by upgrading the front door.

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