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How Foundation Repair Can Fix An Unlevel House

Written by Master Builder on . Posted in Foundation repair contractor, Foundation waterproofing knoxville

If you’re a homeowner you know the one of the most important parts of your house is the foundation. After all the foundation is the canvas on which your entire house rests and having a strong foundation is crucial for the rest of your house.
But what happens when you don’t have a strong foundation for your home? It usually means you got an unlevel house which can cause a multitude of problems. How does your home become unlevel? It’s usually due to some sort of structural damage or some problem with the soil and when your home’s foundation.
When it comes to house leveling you may find several causes involving soil including:

  • Weaker bearing soils which means soils that aren’t capable of carrying the load of a structure (the weight of your house).
  • Tree roots and other vegetation which draw moisture away from the soil around your home’s foundation which ultimately causes a decrease in the soil volume and can contribute to uneven