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Take Care of Your Roof and It Will Take Care of You

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If you own a building or a home, then you know how important your roof can be. A roof that is leaking because of a structural or other problem can cause a host of problems. One inch of rain pours the equivalent of nearly 1,500 gallons of water onto your roof, which means there is plenty to find even the tiniest of leaks. Once water infiltrates your roof due to a leak, it can cause wood and drywall damage as well as mold. That’s why it’s important to look for signs that your roof may have issues and avail yourself of commercial roofing services if necessary.
Weather is likely to be the biggest potential cause of damage to your roof. In addition to the rain that comes with spring and summer storms, you also have to worry about high winds, which can damage shingles or even peel off whole sections of roof. Signs that weather may have damaged your roof include broken or missing shingles, dents in shingles from hail, gutters that have pulled away from your house, and any signs of water i