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Five Helpful Tips For Transforming Your Basement

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The interior design industry generates $10 billion annually as homeowners buy furniture, throw themselves into home remodeling projects or redecorate to spruce things up.
When it comes to DIY projects and home remodeling, one project that can spruce up your home while greatly increasing its value is a basement remodel. You might see your basement as just a spot to store your junk. It can be that if you want it to be, but you can also transform it useable living space and can make your property much more valuable. In fact, according to Home Advisor, the average basement remodel can have more than a 70% return on investment.
If you want to pull off the perfect basement remodeling project, here are five tips on how to pull it off:

  • More bedrooms: By remodeling your basement, you can add a lot more living space for things like bedrooms. Keep in mind that for a space to be considered a bedroom, it must have a closet and it must have two forms of egress–a w

Understanding The Advantages And Disadvantages OF Tankless Water Heaters

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It’s estimated that, in the average home, heating and cooling take up about 54% of the annual utility bills. This is for a number of reasons; poor insulation is certainly one of them. This is why proper insulation can actually cut down on heating and cooling costs by over 40%. However, proper insulation is achieved through adding on the right components. For example, a programmable thermostat can save a homeowner $180 in energy costs each year. However, some additions or replacements are a bit more in depth than a thermostat. Often, the weak point in a home’s heating and cooling system is its water heater.

Many homes are still locked in to the same water heaters that they’ve always had — traditional heaters that are, if not completely outdated, not as efficient or effective as they could be. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t even have an idea of what kind of water heater they have, let alone whether or not should it be replaced. Tankless water heaters ma