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Why Servicing Your Heater Regularly Is Important

Water heater repair services

Taking care of your home can be a complicated job, entailing regular maintenance and servicing of various appliances and aspects of your house. Fortunately however, a trained professional such as a boiler repair contractor can help you to maintain the quality and function of your home as easily as possible.

A boiler repair contractor is particularly crucial in the winter months, when the majority of calls that HVAC service companies receive are no heat calls, meaning that boiler or a furnace is not producing the adequate heat. But as any boiler repair contractor can tell you, these no heat calls often stem back to a bigger problem, that of lack of regular maintenance on the heating system. A boiler repair contractor can also help to save you money on your overall energy bill, as heating systems typically eat up nearly half of your energy usage, making them the biggest energy such in an average household. However, a regularly serviced heater or boiler tends to be more efficient than one lacking in service. There are some steps that you can take as well. First, limiting your hot water usage can help to save on energy. Shortening your showers is one great way to do this. It’s also possible to lower your energy bill by up to 5% for every two degrees that you turn your thermostat down by. Just by lowering the overall temperature of your house, you could save a considerable amount of money during the winter months. A programmable thermostat in particular helps with this, as it can work to keep a house warm while people are there but be set to keep the house cooler when everyone is out. Just by installing a programmable thermostat, you can increase your energy bill saving by up to 10% per month. The installation of insulation can also be tremendously helpful, as a home without proper insulation loses around 20% of the heat that a furnace will generate, and it has been found that up to 25% of the overall heat of your home can be lost through small cracks and holes.

Air conditioning services, though they do not require a boiler repair contractor, must also be regularly serviced and provided maintenance by HVAC professionals. Air conditioning is incredibly popular, especially during long and hot summers, and up to two thirds of homes in the United States now have an air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems can be expensive, making up up to 5% of total energy usage in the United States and costing homeowners a collective $11 billion every single year. However, if you properly and regularly service your air conditioning system, you are likely to save a considerable amount of energy. A properly serviced air conditioning system can also last and work efficiently for as long as fifteen years.

Maintenance of your heating and air conditioning systems is important. An unserviced system is not only less efficient and more costly, but it is also likely to spontaneously break down and stop working, most likely when you need it the most.

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