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What to Consider When Getting Pool Remodeling

If you do not take the process of remodeling your pool seriously, you might end up with some regrets. This project begins with hiring the right pool remodeling company. Not just any pool remodeling company will do you justice.

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That is why you have to hire a company that has a great reputation when it comes to pool remodeling projects. Of course, there are some regrets that pool owners can have if they do not take the remodeling exercise seriously. They include doing large tiles on a curved spa dam wall. If you put anything bigger than a one-by-one tile on the dam wall, the grout line would fan out, be small at the back, and very wide at the front. That will not look good. It is always recommended that you do a one-by-one tile on the spa dam wall.

Not doing a step trim tile on the seating comes with some serious repercussions. Your pool will lack that unique character. In fact, adding the trim tile is not that expensive. Besides, it helps outline the seats. Another mistake that most homeowners with pools do is not replacing the lights. They tend to assume that their lights are working just fine. But once the pool is drained and the lights dry out, the gaskets will crack. When refilling the pool, the lights fill with water.


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